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In-person and Distant Healing Services

Hi, I’m Margo Kelly and I am a healer. Whether you or someone you know has cancer, heart problems, multiple sclerosis, or any other disease or medical condition that is causing pain and turmoil…. I invite you to utilize my healing services to help facilitate the healing you are seeking.

I believe when we treat only our symptoms without getting to the metaphysical root cause of our illness… that we put our self at great risk to re-experience the problem, disease, or pain over and over.   I recommend more than just a healing… I recommend a full on exploration to your mind, body, and spirit connection that created your state of being as you now know it.

I challenge myself to help my clients not just heal, but to explore the root cause of their illness and address that as well as actual healing work on the symptoms which appeared as a result of error in thinking, feeling and acting out of anger, fear or lack.  So much of what we suffer can be changed by changing our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions and our bodies will follow.

In-person or Distant Healing Techniques

Whatever the need… I look at the whole person and then explore the best distant healing techniques  or in person healing work to obtain the desired results.   Some examples of my modalities I use are distant energy healing,  prayer, color therapy, thought coaching, guided regression, detox, and spiritual and emotional edification. I’ve used energy work, crystals, crosses, hands on healing, stones, prayer work, guided meditation, spiritual counseling, motivational talk,  thought coaching and self exploratory guidance, diet, herbs, meditation, body shifting and stretching and every case is unique and different I ask God for guidance and to direct me in the way to lead you to where you need to go to get the healing you desire.

So, while you may be seeking healing to get out of pain and fear of death….it is the illness and pain that will actually help guide us to find true happiness joy and balance.

So thank God for what you have come to learn is out of balance and calling you to attention. There is work to do.

Whether it is a mental, spiritual or physical adjustment… something is out of balance. Being an Empath, I have the innate ability to  take on my clients complaints to help guide me where to focus.  I am  guided through sensory sensation and intuition. I can do in person or  distant healing (long distance healing) as a remote energy healer.  I often use other healing modalities as the spirit leads me.


I do custom prayer that can be scheduled to pray with you at specified times.    With applied faith and prayer in numbers…these prayers become powerful prayers that work.  I suggest prayer in the morning for a blessing to start the day.  I can’t guarantee your prayers will be answered, however, the chances are much higher when you have a person of faith praying for you and with you.

Regardless of method, my goal is to restore balance and bring you back to whole. I recommend doing a full consultation and intake to look deeper into the patterns of thoughts and feelings that manifested the problems.  I highly recommend using me for thought coaching to empower you to change your thoughts and manifest a new and healthier reality.

Even in facing death… there is work to do to prepare to let go and transition. Often healing and prayer is needed to help move through the dark unknown, and into the light that awaits us. There is love, support and guidance to assist in the spiritual healing.  I hope to be that for you and yours.

Get out of the dark …let in the light.

Hands on healing

Long Distant Healing

Spiritual Counseling

Guided Meditation

Prayer Warrior Work

Thought Coaching

For yourself or friends and loved ones