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Education & Training

Ordained Minister (Essene Church of Christ)

A little information about the ancient Essenes

The ancient Essenes are considered by many to be the most amazing people to ever walk the earth! They lived in many lands, including ancient Israel.Wherever they lived, the common people always called them “The Healers”. The word ‘Essene’ comes from the Aramaic word ‘Assaya’, which means ‘Healer’. In Egypt, the Essenes were called ‘Therapeutae’, which means ‘Healer’ and is the  of the word ‘Therapist’. Philo of Alexandria, in a book written two thousand years ago, wrote that the Essenes were not only the best healers of the body, but also of the mind and soul. In modern terms, they were ‘Holistic Healers’. Not only did they heal others, they also lived a healing lifestyle that caused them to live to very advanced ages. The Jewish historian Josephus, in a book written two thousand years ago, declares that the Essenes lived to an average age of over 100 years, many reaching the age of 120. And that was at a time when the average age of death of non-Essenes was 45″  http://www.essene.org/home.html

My Secular training:
Bachelor of Arts: Psychology (UNCW)
Bachelor of Arts: Communication Studies (UNCW)
Minor: Leadership Studies (UNCW)

Certification Programs
Certified Non Profit Management (Duke University)
Certified Mediator: Dispute Settlement Center (Wilmington NC)
Facilitator for Race Relations, Wilmington NC (1898 Centennial Foundation)

Licensed Insurance Health and Life agent