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To be Healed…or Not to be? That is the Question!

I didn’t create healing, it’s not by my power, and it is not my idea. I stole it from Jesus and his teachings about faith. I borrow his faith when mine is weak and when yours is absent.  The divine inspiration is given to me and the only thing I actively do is decide to spend my time and attention on facilitating your healing.  I don’t worry that you don’t know if it is possible.   I’m not worried you don’t have faith to be healed… and here is why:

If you don’t believe that healing is possible, then why are you even at this site? For you to even show up here means that you or someone who knows you has enough faith for you to get healed before I even apply my own!

The truth is… people don’t seek to be healed if a thought “even as small as a mustard seed” was not present to give them the belief (faith) it is possible.  So right there my work is almost complete before we even speak!

LUCKILY you don’t need much faith… .and you can doubt out loud, but your actions speak louder than your words.  If you are here and still reading… a small part of you believes you can be healed. That’s usually all I need from you!   Sick people who don’t believe they can be healed would not waste their time even reading this.  YOU KNOW or you would not be here now! SOMEWHERE in the recess of your mind you already know that you are somehow directly responsible for manifesting your own healing by the very act of being at this webpage.

I am providing you the tools, reminders,  focus and faith for you to remember what you really already realize, and will hopefully soon celebrate!

Either you, or someone who cares about you is waiting for you to DECIDE to feel better.  It’s that simple!

It’s  a no brainer. .  all I am saying is…if you are sick, and yet justify spending money on trips, or entertainment or whatever you think will lesson your suffering rather than abolish it… Then you are not spending your money in the way you can most benefit.   No material item can be truly enjoyed when you are in fear, pain and confusion.

Focus on thoughts and feelings that bring you pleasure in a pain-free body, mind and spirit.  Then go splurge on whatever you want and truly enjoy the experience from a place of feeling good already. Ever go to a place hoping to forget or lessen your pain and have a good time?  Everyone around you is having fun and you are not? Are you physically or emotionally uncomfortable, tired or bored? It’s because you should not be there.  Don’t bother running around trying to mask your pain and feel good about your life when you have healing to attend to. That’s the job at hand.

NOTHING but NOTHING should come before the desire to FEEL good physically, emotionally and spiritually.  And if you are still reading this….you and I both know you have work to do to get there. We have already agreed, or at least I hope I have established in your mind that you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have some faith that it was possible for you to be healed in the way you are seeking.  Therefore, what’s holding you back now?

I offer food for thought. If you still feel reluctant to spend your money for services that offer enlightenment, healing, hope and health to overall to feel better…than you may very well be getting more from being sick.

Sometimes it is the sympathy and attention people seek that keeps their condition in place. They may also use excuses of money  to not seek out the healing work on their own behalf….yet still splurge on what they want. Or they may tell themselves they doubt that they can be healed so why bother.

As I pointed out…you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have enough faith to be healed.  The doubt is a lie you are telling yourself.  Therefore, your sickness may be giving you secondary gains you are not aware of.  So,  ask yourself how you are spending your time and money if you are still complaining about not feeling good?  If you get better….will you have nothing to complain about to get the sympathy you enjoy? Or does it keep you from pursuing some dream you fear of failing if only you could not be so ill?  As crazy as it sounds….there are reasons people refuse to use the resources available to them to make themselves feel better.  You have to ask yourself how your choices are serving you? And from an honest place.

The real issue you are suffering from may be a lack of love and attention or fear. Oh yes, we all do seek or create crazy circumstances, create insane conditions, and manifest chaos at times for reasons we never understood. I know first hand….I did it for years!  The body is, after all,  just a symptom of a bigger cause and effect.

The bottom line is…. I hope you are ready NOW…TODAY….THIS MOMENT to hire me to facilitate the FEEL GOOD state you are telling yourself and others you want.  If you are not willing to do it for yourself….perhaps you would be willing to do it so you don’t have to complain all the time about what ails you. That can be such a Debbie Downer…..don’t you agree?  Seriously, there is no good reason to put off feeling better when the offer is right before your face unless you want to remain the same.  That may be harsh…..and sometimes the truth hurts. But just for a little bit …then it sets you free!