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I had a cyst under my arm which was cut out once by a doctor which was horribly painful. When the cut healed the cyst returned.  I asked Margo for a healing and she worked on it that night. The next morning it was completely healed! I cancelled the appointment with the doctor. And it never came back!


My friend’s daughter had a very rare disease debilitating her from the things she wanted to do but couldn’t. The future looked dim and the 36 hour monthly  blood transfusions for this child was traumatic for the entire family.  I sent Margo her picture and she did what she does and the child got strong and has grown into a healthy young woman with no need for further treatment.


My nephew had a brain tumor (cancer) and Margo did distant healing work on him after the surgery to remove the tumor. He was undergoing chemo when I asked Margo to do healing work on him. Margo tuned in to his red hair before a photo was even sent! She did the work she was inspired to do… and it brings great peace to know that she tuned into him from afar and when she felt he was fine…..she let us know. So far so good.


Darling Margo,  put her healing energy to work on me and I have lost 25 pounds so far and it’s been easy! What a boost to my self-esteem. Losing the weight was what I needed to relieve the pain on my legs and feel better overall. Thank you Margo!


I was having knee pain and a friend of mine was as well. Margo did distant healing on us both at the same time!  No more pain! For either of us!


I have been dealing with some negative energy and thinking for a while now. Many of my business dealings have gone south, or are in a state of constant delay.  I have been allowing my past failure in business to creep into my present day attitude about what to expect.  Margo is working with me on showing me what my own thoughts are doing to repeat the cycle of deals going “Not as hoped” and helping me to think in ways that make me “Feel Better” and hopefully create a better state of happiness no matter what is going on that is challenging me. She said the good news is that I am aware that my attitude needs adjusting!   And she promised the tools she is teaching me will help me to do this.  I do feel more empowered and hopeful when we talk and I am learning through her examples how to turn my attitude around in record time.  I appreciate her insight and it feels very helpful.  The”Thought Coaching” is what she started doing with me.  However, my knee had been consistently hurting me daily for years. Margo said she would do the healing work on it.  Since that conversation my knee has never hurt again! Geez…I don’t understand how that worked, but I am grateful for it and her healing services!

The truth is, money has been tight and Margo has agreed to let me provide my time and services in exchange for hers. It’s a win win!  If it wasn’t for Margo willing to do trade, I would still have knee pain and be really pissed off!  I highly recommend her services.  I am even going to get a gift certificate from her website for someone I know who could benefit from her healing services!  You should too!


I met Margo at a low point in my life. She was able to see past my own inferiority complex and fears of my own self-worth and grief I was suffering from the loss of many loved ones in one year.  Through her support, encouragement, and talk coaching, I have been on a path of getting out of my own way with realized success! I am grateful for her insight, and teachings!


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