Because I am an Empath and Intuitive Healer… I begin with what I pick up from the initial consultation.  I allow you to marinade with me before I begin anything else.  After that, I may need more information about your specific condition, and spend time researching. This process may involve more questioning.   Then I pray and mediate for direction.

Here are some of the various modalities I have used in the past.

Hands on Healing-Prayer-Love-Guided Self Exploration-Life Coaching- Chakras Strengthening-Working with Energy and Stones-Thought Coaching-Regression-Guided Meditation-Self Meditation-Imagery-Color Therapy-Spiritual Counseling-Interrogation (intensive questioning)-Biblical guidance-Dream Analysis-Charting.emotional stimuli, assigned activities, behavior modification.-Goal Guidance-Crystals-Detox-Fasting-EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)-Observation of behavior, attitudes, and reactions-Chakra balancing-Exorcism-Only once–Journaling-Time management-Stretching -Breathing-Pulling out energy-Putting in healing energy-Clearing energy-Treasure Mapping-Spontaneous Healing-Diet, Research-Cleansing-Light Work- Body Stretching-Visualization-Affirmation-Faith Healing- Mental Reprogramming-Motivational Support-Overall Spiritual Practical Applications for Life.

Please read my terms and disclaimer before hiring me