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About Me

margohealerMy first encounter with God was when I was a teenager. Having never been raised to believe in God, I had no opinion either way. It was through taking a friend to an AA meeting when the subject of higher power came up.  Basically, they didn’t much care what you wanted to call God, higher power or whatever makes you realize there is a power greater than yourself to turn to.  It made me wonder if there really was a God.  I figured a simple way to find out was to go directly to the source. If there was a God… surely he could give me a sign. So, I asked this God…”Dear God, if you exist… would you please give me some kinda sign.”  Immediately after I asked, I received a FLASH OF LIGHTENING before my face! I was indoors when this happened!  And outside, there was no sign of rain, thunder or lightening.  It was just a brilliant lighting bolt that materialized before my eyes and inches before my face!

That’s when it all started… my quest to know more about this dramatic filled presence I now call God.  This was the beginning for me in my seeking and receiving answers from God.  Having learned there was a God was in no way the beginning of my own path to healing… it was the beginning of my asking and receiving. Healing did not come until many years later.

Without writing a novel… I will sum this up for you.  God got my attention, I became deeply in love with the presence of God in my life and constantly awe struck at how immediately he replies to me. My journey has been an ongoing lifelong learning and growing experience.  Having come from a dysfunctional family I yearned for solace and connection with this ever responding God who could make lightening appear before my face! What else could he do! I couldn’t wait to find out.

My life has been about getting closer and closer to knowing and experiencing God. While on this path.. .certain gifts have been given in response to my own healing. And that’s where you come in.  Here is what you need to know specifically… I am an Ordained Minister and I rely heavily on my faith and Divine guidance.  I promised God, I would get ordained if I got word back that the women who had MS was healed from our session.  She was part of a large study, and I learned the doctor called it a miracle as she was symptom free from our healing session, and so, I fulfilled my promise to God.

In regards to my healing methods and training; I specifically requested God reveal what training I would need to do healing work. The answer came… I would need none at all. I would be given the answer and how to proceed at the time of the healing.  So, I trust that God will guide me and lead me to the healing you seek.  My role is to be receptive, in a loving space to listen, and in a compassionate place to desire to help, and in a place of faith to move mountains. Whether I do distant healing, hands on healing, prayer work or thought coaching, I am guided in my process.  Therefore, every client in each situation is treated as unique. I cannot, nor would I want to, offer a cookie cutter healing modality.

After a  consultation, I meditate on what you need. Sometimes I need your cooperation and sometimes it is not necessary.  I’ve even done distant healing for those who did not know I was being asked to heal them.  Every case is different.  Lastly, I will not be available to accept all requests.  I learned the hard way… and I will not repeat.  A woman approached me for a healing… as she walked to me.. I heard  NO NO NO NO, but when she asked for healing I said, “Yes”.  I ended up in bed for three days in a semi coma state.  I quit healing after that for many years!  It wasn’t till years later when I shared that story with someone and they pointed out that I wasted a gift out of fear when it was me that didn’t honor what I was being told when I heard NO NO NO to the healing request.

Again, I took up healing for friends, and family and friends and family of friends and family… and all the work I have done over the years has been for free,  or donation.  I stopped healing work to focus on making a living, and now I realize I should combine the two!