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In Patient Advocate Services

Do you or a loved one need an in-person advocate to be bedside and chart, report and make sure your or your loved ones needs are being met?

My experience:

I was an inpatient advocate for my father when he was in ICU out of state. I stayed with him around the clock (minus sleep).  I met with the doctors, nurses and charted his state.  When he was put in medically induced coma…I was at his side to hear when he needed to get his mucus and fluid build up syphoned. I was there when he had a bowel movement and since he had bed sores it was critical to get him changed ASAP.  The bedsores developed when he was in a rehab facility and was neglected.  The truth is….had I been with him at the rehab place he never would have gotten severe bed sores and become so weak. He would have benefited greatly from an advocate there as well.

The fact is, the ICU is only required to turn or change a patient every two hours. Having been there in the room…they never did. I had to go find them and insist when he needed to be turned.  They do what they can, but they have many other patients and not enough human resources to meet their patients needs in a timely manner.  An advocate can make sure you or your loved ones needs are being met when needed.

When my father was waking up from this medically induced coma in a highly sedated state (which takes about a week)…I was at his side to quickly tell him where he was- what was happening- and why he could not speak. This waking state of coming to goes on at random times and they fall back into their sleep state.  I needed to be with him for each time he came-to in order to make sure he didn’t go into a panic.  I calmed him down and reduced his anxiety state which comes from waking up and not understanding what is happening.  This is important for anyone, but especially important because he suffered from anxiety, had already died twice from two heart attacks and had two strokes as well as stage 4 lung cancer which he was trying to beat.

Because I am intuitive, I suspected he had a pneumonia. It was at my instigation that got the nurses to ask the doctor to run a test. It turned out he did have a pneumonia and was then able to get treated.  I made sure it was done.  The other family members who were in his State were not getting this done and/or interested or able to give him this kind of advocacy 24/7.  Nobody in my family made accommodations for me, but luckily I was able to get a small room with a recliner chair to sleep in, and showers were made available for me on a special floor for families with a patient in ICU.

While I realize this is not possible for many…I choose to drop my life, my work and go to his side to be this advocate and do healing work on his behalf.   I was able to get him a feeding tube or he would have died before getting treated and he had already communicated that he wanted every measure taken to save his life.

Not all people are able or willing to give up their personal life to be at a loved ones disposal 24/7 and it is sad that the most critical time in a persons life when they are fighting for their own life that they are left alone without their needs getting met on a timely basis and be able to have someone to contact a nurse or doctor on their behalf. Many ICU patients are not in a place where they can push a button to get help or speak.  Being an intuitive healer and empath made my advocacy  and support that much more helpful.

In the end, my father had survived two heart attacks, two strokes, and by his last full body scan had no more tumors.  Before I got to him… he had one tumor left. I did healing work daily and the scan showed no more mass.  He was getting the fluid buildup removed with tubes to allow him to breath and was put in a medically induced coma. Unfortunately,  I did not have the medical power of attorney… and when the person(s) who had it, decided to end his life, before he came out of the medically induced coma….all my fathers efforts and mine to retore him were for naught.  However, I know that my healing work and constant  presence and support to make sure he was getting his needs met made him cry with gratitude.  my father was grossly neglected before I arrived on the scene.  As he used to tell me he felt love starved.  Now….at least I know that his last 35 days in life were with constant love, constant support and constant attention to his physical and spiritual needs daily.

And since he has passed…his ever presence in my life to give thanks and love has been felt and experienced in profound and meaningful ways.

It broke my heart walking down the halls of the ICU with those that didn’t have an inpatient advocate at their side. This reality is why I came up with this unique service idea to hire an inpatient advocate. I know I would want someone at my fathers side if I couldn’t have been.

I was also an inpatient advocate for my step father who had suffered a stroke and was in dire need of extra attention when he was in a rehab facility.  The facilities are under staffed and I was hired to make daily visits. I was trained by the physical therapist on how to rehab and exercise him.  I was able to speed up his progress considerably.  I was also hired to help him when he returned home.  If you or your loved one has survived a stroke or in need of rehab due to injury….it is way more helpful to hire someone if you can’t be there for the extra TLC and physical support to speed up the process. These facilities are grossly understaffed and often just go through the motions without much pushing to their patients capacity. The hard patients are the ones that don’t want to work so hard. My step father was on of those challenging patients. I had to motivate him and push him to work harder. He was a stubborn patient and did not like to take doctors orders.  Luckily I was not as much of a pushover as some of the physical and occupational therapist, and was able to get him to put the extra effort into his rehab. I discovered his weakness was chocolate and I was not afraid to resort to bribery to get him to push harder. It worked!  He would do just about anything for another chocolate.   It was my extra efforts that got him back home walking with a cane.

He was able to remain home for a year after that before he had many mini strokes and it was to difficult for him to stay home.  After that…I was able to visit him and encourage him and give him the TLC he needed with some exercise and created some blended foods that he was able to eat without losing the nutrients from not being able to chew and swallow solids as much.  It’s often just getting the staff to take an extra step or two on the patience behalf and blending his food allowed him to maintain his strength and get more food in him. Basically, I went the extra mile to meet his needs.

Eventually, the dementia and mini strokes wore him out and he began getting infections and was getting ready to transition to the other side. Fortunately, my mother was able to spend his last week at his bedside to be there so he didn’t die alone.  Think of all the sad souls who do not have a family or advocate to be by there side.  I myself didn’t get to say my final goodbyes because I was out of state dealing with another urgent matter.

So, whether it is in a hospital, a rehab facility, an eldercare home or nursing home….if you or your loved one would benefit from this type of compassionate and professional advocacy, I am available for hire.

If you want healing work done on top of it which I highly recommend…there will be an additional charge.

Either way, having someone be where you can’t, to do what you are unable to for you or your loved one, will give you a great peace that is priceless.

There is nothing worst than not being able to be there  for those who need you the most, or to find yourself alone and waiting for a visitor.  Imagine how much relief this will bring to you, your family for caring enough to get yourself an inpatient advocate.

As an advocate you will get updates, texts, emails and phone calls to keep you in the loop and get your immediate request communicated to the doctor and vica versa.  I will be the liaison when you are unable to attend a meeting. The doctors and nurses simply can’t be so available and time is of the essence in these situations.  As a inpatient advocate who also does healing work….the ever flowing love and light and energy work will be done on you or your loved one daily.   I will do prayer, gentle message, play peaceful healing music and keep the energy of the room a healing oasis.  I will mediate on behalf of your loved ones and report to you what comes to me.  If your loved one is on their last leg and its certain they will pass….I will be at their side helping their transition with love and ease.

There is no greater gift to give someone you love than a loving compassionate professional advocate to step in to provide the love and support you are unable to.  Give yourself and loved one the gift of this specialized service.

Even if you are not in ICU but would like someone there while you are in rehab or hospitalization or another medical facility….and you want to be sure that your loved one is getting the care, attention and support that these understaffed and sometimes impersonal professionals are…..please consider my services.

We will address the legal and hospital requirements and fee’s in detail if this is a need.