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Thought Coaching

Not all Thoughts are Created Equal!

It is no secret anymore that our thoughts create our reality.  Hiring me to be your thought coach will be money well spent!

What to expect from my thought coaching….

I will engage you in questions. You will talk and I will observe and pay attention to what you are revealing in your thoughts and feelings, which may be habitual patterns of pain and discomfort, both physical and emotional. Through this process you are letting me know what your habitual thoughts and feelings are.  When I notice a pattern I will stop you and point it out. Knowledge is power in bringing positive change.  I will offer up alternative thoughts to focus on, and this will raise your vibrational being to a place of elevation in the realm of feeling better, good or great. The goal is….to feel great! But always…. better is good!

We will explore your values and what your authentic self is trying to create through your life experience.

Repeated work in thought coaching will help you to ingrain into your mind the thoughts that make you feel good.  I will abruptly stop you when I catch you expressing thoughts that are contrary to your desired state of being. This pattern is repetitious and the “thought policing” we will do is so you will be in control of your thoughts and not vice-versa..  In so doing, you will be happier and experience more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

I will offer my insights into what you are revealing and I will guide you to replace old thoughts, with new ones that will change your immediate state of being… to a place of elevation.

If you feel uncertain about your direction, focus and life calling…. I can guide you to personal revelation through self exploration and prompted by questions that will help you….  better know you.  This is a cross over of life coaching and thought coaching.

Personally, of all the self help, professional help, and spiritual enlightenment I have experienced in my life… I find this to be the most important of all work to bring about the most meaningful and deliberate positive change in ones life long-term

My hourly rate is $150.00