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You don’t Have to Die from Cancer!

My First time working with Cancer and healing began in my own family:

My grandmother was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.  I was living in California at the time. Upon learning of her diagnoses I flew back and I spent the next three months at her side. I loved her beyond words!  I sent her songs, positive messages on visualization for cancer patients and I spoke to her with a fervent passion about how her own belief and faith and prayer could heal her.  I truly believed it.  As much as she tried to hold on to my message of hope. and practiced doing the visualization  work… her own hope was being drowned out by the doctors convictions, and the families acceptance of her nearing final hour.  I do believe I learned then and there …. that there was power in numbers!

I truly felt at that time that it was the doctors, nurses and family who were putting their faith in her dying that killed her. I realize that sounds crazy to some…but that is what I believed then and still do.  In fact, I remember when my grandfather said, “She might as well be dead now” as she was in a coma.  Somewhere my grandma mustered all she could in her deep grown in response to what he said.  I witnessed something that was very powerful and had a huge impact on my psyche.  Later, in her coma state, I witnessed something so powerful that I will never forget.  My grandmother jumped up from a coma in an upright  sitting position in her hospital bed screaming, “They are trying to kill me!” Something in my spirit felt the “THEY” was her revealing that everyone was weakening her when they became stronger in their faith that she would die!

At that time I did not know I had any healing gifts.  I did,  however, discover I was an Empath, even  though I didn’t know what that word meant at the time. I could feel that I was so connected to my grandmother and I felt myself get weaker.  I asked the nurse to take my blood pressure after she took my grandmother’s because I suspected mine was in sync with hers. The nurse took my blood pressure and was spooked because I was showing the same reading. She told me, “Whatever you are doing you better stop it.”  I was not intentionally trying to mirror her vitals. I was just so connected that I did.

The next serious cancer event in my family was my mother. She was my very first Distant Healing work I ever did on behalf of anyone!  My mother was diagnosed with melanoma cancer.  Soon as I learned of it I started my healing and prayer work immediately. I was in college at the time and taking an art class in NC.  So,  I created a life size canvas of a woman with the healing energy all around her with her arms reaching up to heaven and turned into tree branches. Her legs were turning into tree roots going deep into the ground.  By this time I had been practicing visualization for years.  I had created a vision board in the early 80s. So, I knew the power of visualization. Now this life size woman receiving healing I created on canvas was my focal point to start my healing work. The art was coupled  with intent, faith, and determination to realize my mother into wellness through every ounce of energy and belief I could muster, and my prayer life and belief that with God all things are possible! I did this knowing all the while… my mother was going to be fine. I had total confidence and told her so.  .

My mother went the full route and took all the drugs and treatment the doctors gave her. She practiced doing the visualization work on herself and though she was not a big prayer warrior… she allowed me to pray with her and for her. All my prayers were for healing and my expectation was that God would answer my prayers.  I really knew she would be fine!  I claimed it before the results showed her that she was.

Next was my aunt who got stage four lung cancer.  She followed the doctors route. She had a great positive attitude and by this point my mother had already survived. There is power in numbers and belief.  I led my aunt into prayer and proclaimed a healing and talked to her about the power of faith and the power of God to heal through his ways.  At this point…I knew the power of faith, prayer and healing work. I kept a quite conviction of her well being and trusted she would be fine.

The next victim of cancer was my dog.  I loved my dog dearly.  I was doing work on my dog as well as treating my dog with the cancer drugs. My dog seemed to be responding to my healing touch. However, I had to leave my dogs side to go out of state to be by my father’s side.  And my dog turned for the worse.  My father was fighting for his life with stage 4 lung cancer,  two heart attacks and two strokes.  In his case…I did in person healing on his body daily. The chemo nearly killed him, however it did destroy one of the masses on his lung. The other mass I went to work on daily.  After a full body scan the doctor told me his mass was gone!   Unfortunately, my family pulled the plug when he was put in a medically induced coma so he never stood a chance to realize a full recovery from the other issues he was being treated for. However, the cancer…was gone!

And the last cancer patient I worked on was a 17  year old boy.  He had a brain tumor and was undergoing chemo.  I tuned into him and his red hair and worked on him from a distant.

Holistic Healing for Cancer

It doesn’t have to be either or…. it can be both!  There are many forms of holistic healing for cancer and other diseases besides drugs for treatment.  A Holistic approach looks at the WHOLE person. The good news is…you have options!  If I was fighting for my life…. I would not limit my options… I would expand them. As a healer, I have embraced different healing modalities.  But the greatest predictor of one surviving cancer may be the one you put your faith in! Believing you will die will most likely kill you!  And I do believe there is power in numbers, so surround yourself with believers in your healing.  I believe that we do all that we can to fight the good fight. But the most important determination I do believe is FAITH that you will live or FAITH that you will die. And that is what I hope you will get from me here.  You can choose to believe you can be a survivor and be healed!  Or you can doubt and pout your way into believing the death sentence you may have been given.

It’s just a simple fact that healers have done greater things than healed cancer throughout the ages. Bringing someone back from the dead is pretty awesome and Jesus did that, yet he said, “Greater things than I will you too do.”  Who are we to argue with his healing track record!  All throughout history you can learn of spontaneous healings, or healings that came as a result of answered prayer, and healing work from many modalities and treatments.  Trust your intuition and believe that with God all things are possible.   In the end…we do know that many people die from cancer, but I can tell you right now that three people I worked on in my family alone didn’t die from stage 4 cancer!  And while I can’t guarantee anything… I can promise that I do believe you can beat it too! I am happy to apply my faith, intuition, focused intent and prayer on realizing a healing for you too!